Do veggies have a role in your dog feed?

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    If you spend 30 minutes watching television, you are likely to see at least a few commercials for dog food. Over the years, the dog food business has really started to boom with new foods entering the market with promises of luxurious coats and robust health. While we absolutely want these things for our rabbit dogs, it can be a bit overwhelming to face the dog food aisle these days, especially when you consider dogs with allergies or weight problems.


    Sometimes the best solution to a complicated problem is an uncomplicated solution. What is something our doctors have always told us to eat to maintain our health? Although we may have many dietary needs across the board, one of the fundamental building blocks of any good diet is vegetables. While this applies to us as people, it applies to our rabbit dogs as well. After all, ancestors of the modern dog were scavengers that feasted on vegetables, so why should the modern dog be any different?

    Here are some vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals that you can share with your rabbit dogs:

    Broccoli can be fed cooked or raw as treats or in food. Broccoli serves to give your dogs a dose of beta-carotene, calcium, folates, and Vitamins A and C.

    Carrots are great fed raw or cooked in food or as treats. They are loaded with beta-carotene and have a side benefit of freshening breath, which is something every dog owner can appreciate.

    Cauliflower is great raw or cooked and is a great source of fiber. Additionally, it contains few calories but plenty of calcium, folates, potassium, and Vitamin K.

    Cucumbers are low in calories and have a rewarding, satisfying crunch. Feed as snacks for an extra bit of beta-carotene, calcium, and potassium.

    Green Beans, which contain manganese and Vitamin C and K, are frequently a hit amongst dogs and dog owners. For dogs that are overweight, supplementing with green beans is a great way to keep them feeling full while cutting back on dog food. Mix some with food or had them out as a snack. Just be sure to thaw them out fully before feeding.

    Peas are another item that can be added to food to help with weight. They contain beneficial nutrients such as thiamin, phosphorous, potassium, and B vitamins.

    Pumpkin contains fiber and beta-carotene, which in itself is an excellent source of Vitamin A. Take pieces of fresh pumpkin and boil until soft, then let cool and add to regular food.

    Squash offers a many digestive benefits for your dogs in addition to being rich in beta-carotene. It can be boiled or fed raw as a treat.

    Sweet potato, which has become a popular ingredient in many dog foods, contains dietary fiber, beta-carotene, manganese, potassium, and Vitamin A, C, and K. You can feed sweet potato mashed or even buy sweet potato treats from your local pet store.

    Zucchini contains beta-carotene, calcium, folates, and potassium. Boil it and mix with food or feed in raw pieces for a treat.

    Vegetable supplementation is a great way to keep doggie digestion regular. It is possible, however, that increasing your rabbit dogs' vegetable intake can also increase their flatulence. To avoid this, it is best to field vegetables cut into small pieces. Though many outlets will advise that it is fine to feed vegetables in a frozen state, that, too, is something that can have unpleasant side effects in that ice cold veggies in a warm belly could cause discomfort so thawing vegetables is advised. It is also best to avoid canned vegetables due to sodium content.

    Next time you are preparing yourself a dinner on fresh vegetables, don't forget to set some aside for your rabbit dogs. You may find that supplementing their diet with vegetables will help you regulate their weight as well as reflect positively on the quality of their coats and overall health. Feeding vegetables can also cut down on some of the processes items passing through their bodies and ease the worry of the many dog food recalls we've been dealing with lately.

    Do you currently feed vegetables to your rabbit dogs? What are their favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. cherokeekennel
    My Beagles have been eating carrots,cucumbers,winter squash, and watermelon,cantalop as raw treats their whole lives, and eat green beans summer suash, and lots of other veggies cooked. we garden nothing goes to waste when you have dogs that love veggies. they also like fall venison with their veggies. cherokee kennel