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  1. cshaw8652

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    I have yet to trap a rabbit. And there are plenty of them around.
    I need some advice on trapping rabbits from someone who knows there stuff and that has done it consistently. Not just got lucky and trapped one. Thanks
  2. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but my advise would be to build or buy octagon traps. I have caught rabbits in boxes but the octagon traps work much better in my opinion. You can google it and find different plans/instuctions on how to build them. Apple and vanilla flavoring for bait.

  3. cshaw8652

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    OK. I'm gone look that up. Thanks
  4. Daddy Rabbit

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    Wooden Boxies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>

    I agree with you in the summer time,, they good,, but I catch more with my Home made wooden boxies,..

    I catch all I want to in the Fall, when it get down in the 30 degree, they go inside these wooden boxies for shelter,, I use No bait! Bait will catch you a possom or skunk.. Catch anything but a rabbit and forget catching a rabbit in that box,, they will not go inside if there is anyting but a rabbit scent in there..

    Always use Old Lumber when building your boxies, and there is a new way to build them without the old drop lids,, the new hinged doors are lots better,, as the coyotes can't pull the lids up and get the rabbits..

    I have caught 10 rabbits last week and when its cool they go inside real well..
    Good Luck

  5. cshaw8652

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    d rabbit- can u post pics and dimensions of ur box? or send them to my phone 205-399-2762
  6. Daddy Rabbit

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    Photo's of Wood Rabbit Box~~~~~~~~~~~>>

    I have some photo's here in my computor of them,, I been having my Grandson's to post them for years, here on different Web Sights. I don't think I ever put any on this web sight?

    May the week end before I see him,, but will get it done,, sometimes soon,, I caught three today,, and it's not so cold this morning,, once you ever catch one in a box, and that rabbit scent, inside the box,, look out I have caugh as high as a dozen in the same box.. It's all about the cold weather and the scent thats inside the box,, I don't ever walk in front of my boxes,, and always set then so the North wind,, can't blow into the front of your box..

    Get youself some Old Lumber, and do not use the new stuff..

  7. S.R.Patch

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    As much about the proper construction and building material in a box trap, is the location.
    You must find the travel and escape routes of the rabbits in your areas. Drawing a rabbit to an unused or unfrequented trail is a tough job even with the sweetest smells.
    Tucking the trap into the mouth of tunnel that you've "seen" used, often is the best bet.. ;-)
  8. cj580

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    I have been having trouble finding rabbits. Saw them all the time in the summer setting on th edges of hayfields, now I cant find them?? Where should I be looking to put my boxes at?? Thanks
  9. cambo

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    Daddy Rabbit is exactly right on this.I do it the same way. Just like my granddaddy taught me
  10. hunterathart

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    Where you put the traps is the most important thing.Here is something that helps. [​IMG]
  11. cshaw8652

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    lots of them!!!!!!
  12. cshaw8652

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    i finally got me a couple boxes built. ive caught 4 so far! no bait! thanks alot
  13. cj580

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    I still havent caught any. What am I doing wrong??
  14. Daddy Rabbit

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    My Home made Wooden Boxes

    My Grandson,, put a video on the New GunDog Web sight,, It's an all together differant box,, with the hinged door. I been using this type with Lots of success for years.

    Sorry I don't know how to post Video's or I would put here,, maybe anyone wants to see the type that I use,,can check it out on that new web sight,, Lafora,, Gun Dogs I think it called?

  15. J_French06

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    here you go daddy rabbit i'll post a link on here for you and we will see if it works [ame][/ame]
  16. bseger

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    Try finding some fresh rabbit pills and pick them up with rubber gloves and always handle your traps with rubber gloves.Put the pills inside the trap just like bait. They will have to investigate the new rabbit in their territory
  17. best I have found---get you a tame female rabbit. Put a piece of tin under her cage so you can collect urine and feces. strain it and put in a bottle. when you run your traps---spray the entrance---if you caught a possum---wash trap with waterhose and after it dries spray it good and it will catch. Rabbits will investigate any strange rabbit coming into its area. If it is late in the winter and food is scarce--I use apple slices and vanilla extract as bait
  18. TnHoss

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    I caught 2 yesterday on red apples. I spray my traps down with ACV to kill any human scent and always wear rubber gloves.
  19. TnHoss

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    I caught another one today in a big live trap that was baited for coons. I was using canned cat food for bait. I honestly don't know if he just went in out of curiousity or if the cat food attracted him or not but it was a wire trap:headscratch:
  20. Daddy Rabbit

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    Thanks J-Frencho6 for Posting the Video for me,, as I say been using this type for many years now!
    Reason I went to this Hinged Door, made out of a 2x6 is there are lots of coyotes here im N.E.Ga. and they find a rabbit inside the Old Drop Door, type box,, they will turn the box over and get your rabbit out,, before You go to them!

    This type box, they can not get the door open. Like I said,, Don't use any bait if I do,, catch possoms, skunks etc. and that smell, get inside the box will be hard to ever catch another rabbit,, so I just go With Out the Bait.. I have caught 54 willd rabbits to date,, these frosty, morning they looking for a place to get inside where its warm..

    Frencho6 and the Nurse,, thanks for the the photo of the Red Tick Female,, and the Christmans Card,, Here is Wishing Everyone a Big Happy Christman!!!

    Keep Looking Up!