show time dog food

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  1. rosin hill

    rosin hill New Member

    Any one tried this? What did you think?
  2. beagle123

    beagle123 New Member

    I feed it and love it. Dogs really look great on it. I ran my dogs hard this year and they still look good. No ribs showing. Nice bulky frame still. But it's muscle. Their back legs are very tone.

    The stool is the best part. Dark colored and rock hard. No sour odor.

    Only downfall is I have to drive almost an hour to pick it up abd the fellow just went up another dollar. 23.50 for 50lbs

  3. joe simmons

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    Where do you get it n whats pro.&fat content??? Looking for new feed text 828 925 6773
  4. I'm feeding it now, seems to be pretty good.....I get it at Calypso Wholesale.
  5. rosin hill

    rosin hill New Member

    I got a bag from smithfield NC at DonniesFeed. 24/20 $28.00
  6. worm

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    Beagle123 are you feeding 27/20 if so where are you getting it for that price?
  7. beagle123

    beagle123 New Member

    24-20. I am getting from a man near my area. He is a distributor for show time feed. He sells it out his home. He has a 18 wheeler load shipped to his house and sells it. He is big in the beagle business. He starts tons of dogs for people in his pens and has deer in there to deer break em.

    He has multiple protein/fat levels to choose from. Right now he is selling the 24/20 for 23.50 for 50lbs. A buddy and I went on half on a pallet through him and got them for 16 bucks a bag but he doesn't sell it out like that anymore. He only goes down a couple dollars a bag for a pallet instead of what he gets it for.
  8. Hardwood

    Hardwood New Member

    Best feed Ive fed. Feeding real small amounts and dogs stay lookin great, and dont look gutted after a days running. Seems to give em muscle instead of just fat. Mess is little and firm. Been on the 24/20 for about a year now. Paying 23.50 tax included for 50#. Ive fed Sportmix and Black Gold in the past and I like this better than either of those. And its cheaper.
  9. pilotknob

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    Where is this feed made?I did a search and only came up with a 31/20 made by the same outfit that makes Dimond down in Ga.
  10. Cedar Lane

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    I'll see if it's available any where close to me. I'm shopping around for good feed at a reasonable price. They're all high, and some aren't that good. Can't seem to find any I like as well as Purina, but quit feeding it, for now, due to bag size going down as price goes up. Sounds like good feed you all are talking about.
  11. Cedar Lane

    Cedar Lane New Member

    Just checked. None in the state of Mo. I'm out of luck on that.
  12. Showtime and Best Dog brand dog food is manufactured by mid-south feed in Alma, Ga. You may visit thier
    website at
  13. Tater Bug

    Tater Bug New Member

    I feed the 27/20 and love it. Dogs look and perform great on it . $26.95 for 50#.
  14. lstraughte

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    Showtime Dog Food

    Any place to purchase Showtime Dog Food in north Louisiana
  15. The Best I have ever used

    I have had hounds for 54 years and Showtime is the best dog feed I have ever
  16. cambo

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    Ok always the talk about dog food and im one to that wants the most and the best for the bang. I hear the talk about the color of your dogs poop so what are we looking for as color in a dogs poop. Was feeding sportsman pride and color was black as coal. Now feeding purina chow in green bag and poop is yellow. So what color are we looking for? Just curious:headscratch::headscratch:
  17. Hardwood

    Hardwood New Member

    Not yellow. That's corn. You can tell more by the taste than color!!!!!
  18. Showtime

    Oneal's farm and garden in Ruston has it and I get mine from Bo's hilltop feed in Quitman
  19. lstraughte

    lstraughte New Member


    Thanks Robert... Greatly appreciated
    Curious do you feed 27 protein or 24.
  20. bear128

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    hey hardwood do you know this from experience :D