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  1. What are some ways to decide which pup to pick from litter? I have always thought it to be a crap shoot picking out a 6 week old pup.
  2. im like you its a shot in the dark I hear some say this and that but it all luck and mine seems to be bad 90 percent of the time :whistle:

  3. Crap shoot

    Only thing I do is pick the ones I like or train the whole litter then get rid of what I don't want
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    I got an 11 month old pup and a 11 week old pup and both of them were the last one. makes it real easy to pick them out then. so far the 11 month old is doing great and it sounds like maybe even better than some of his litter mates. He's not the best looking colored hound but colors don't run rabbits!
  5. I watch the pups and see what they do. I don't want one that is to hyper to run to you, but at the same time one that is to shy. Right in the middle. I also like watching them play. I look to see how much energy they have, and if they put their nose on the ground any.
  6. Dads Method

    I am lucky to still have my 95 year old father....he always checks for black color on the tongue....who knows??????
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    If I'm picking a pup I take away the shy or nervous ones and the very hyper pen pacers. Then I inspect them for physical deformities. If any are left to choose from I look for the one(s) that are alert and attentive to my movements, and friendly. When I set them down outside the pen I like for them to start exploring the area and not sit down and cry.
  9. First one to track and find the :beagle:hotdog Wins!:first:
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    i heard you can pick them up by the neck if they dont cry they was good just what i heard
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    One guy suggested, pick a the best looking pup. If it turns out to be worthless you can still have a good looking dog laying on the porch.

    There is no way to select the best in a litter until they are started, so pick out a bold good looking pup.
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    Could of been luck, but the last pup I bought was 7 weeks old and during hunting season. I had killed a rabbit that morning and I took a skin with me to the breeders. I then handled all the pups with the skin and bought the one that showed the most interest in it. She is now about to be 3 yrs old and has super hunt and drive.Like I said it could have been luck but it worked out. Just an idea I had.
  13. No science behind this. But I always try to pick one with no white on its tail. I been perty lucky like that and im gonna stick with it.
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    I just got my very first beagle before christmas. From a litter of four, only 3 were left. I chose the one that seemed to be the most bold and vocal. He also seemed very independent. The other 2 wanted to sit and be held, he was off exploring. He's ten months now and opened on the first rabbit I put him on last weekend. He ran 3 that day, but none circled back. All in good time!