Northway beagles

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  1. Can anybody tell how they run, what speed, any thing else. Thanks
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    From what I have seen they are fast, real fast Large Pack style. I had a half Northway half Branko for a short time that had alot of hunt.

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    See them crossed with Branko and Turbo Prop blood alot. Lots of hunt, lots of speed. Have good control for a dog with that kind of foot.
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    They are hare hound bred but I have seen some fast med with good control. Lots of hunt
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    Northway Bred Beagle

    I have a 9yr old male who is dbl reg. AKC & UKC.He is GR.Hunting Beagle CH. & Show CH. in UKC. He is the best male Northway bred gun dog I have owned.Can still hunt all day and run a rabbit like he is hooked to it with med-fast speed.I have some young dogs that are Heavy Northway and a little Branko. As for me if it is not mostly Northway I don't want it. That is my line control and and brains and Branko gives me the speed I want. JUST MY PROGRAM you breed the way you like.
    Hank Hinkle
    Brookville In.
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  6. Who has the Northway hounds with no Branko in them?

    13 inch.

    Mitch Huguet
  7. I would like to see the slower Northway hounds run.
  8. I googled them and found a few guys websites that run and breed em. Seems like theres alot of em in new york and i read a man in kentucky breeds em too.
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    I gave Wanda's uncle four nice Northways a few years back, no branko. 3 gyps and 1 male. I'll see if he still has them. I got relatives in north la, the have old northways and also bramblett blood,

    Got close up Indian hills majer, too. Stuffs getting old

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    Dexter Ruffett in Easteren Ky.has them I've never seen them go but I plan on taking a look at them.From all acounts they are gundog fenoms he goes by Ruffetts KY.Moutain Kennel I think.They are 15 in. hounds for the most part and are lineberd northway.I've talked to Dexter and he seems like a great guy he'll tell you anything you want to know about the Northway hounds.