New season dates in Illinois for rabbit

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Benw, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Benw

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    Just got hunting digests, November2-Feb15 now!, whats better got 2 New pups this morning
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    As an Illinois rabbit hunter, I harvest very few rabbits because if I harvest them, I won't have any to train my beagles with. I personally think the law change was not researched much. I know in Central Illinois, there are few places that hold many rabbits.

    Squirrel season is until February 15. There are lots of squirrels in Illinois.

  3. I agree with ya! Thats why I started raising the redbacks.I have a few people in my area that don't use much common sense when it comes to overkilling. I'm hoping that the redbacks will supplement the shortage, seems to be working so far!
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    You all had a short season for sure!!! That's alot better!!:up::up:
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    here in southern Illinois we got tons of rabbits, for many of years they was a thing of the past, but they've made a huge comeback, I like that they extend it that way not always hunting in hot weather., I raise training rabbits, heck I don't even shoot many wild ones I like the chase!

    I agree they need to raise limit on squirrles ive killed my share of them this year n last, there cutting the fire out of pecans me n bro killed out yesterday in 20 mins lol
  6. Benw

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    I agree a lot of people over kill, I just like it cause be able to hunt when it cool besides huntingin hot weather
  7. Illinois extended rabbit season

    I think the main reason for the change is that large tracts of land here in Southern Illinois is tied up in by deer outfitters and deer leases. The only time a guy may get permission to hunt is ofter the doe season, the third week of January. The Dept of Natural Resources are very slow to change. The end of January close has been there ever since I was a kid 40 years ago. It is the shortest rabbit season in the country I think.
    The squirrel limit should be 8-10, I usually have my limit by 8:00 am with an air gun. I have the woods to myself no one is hunting them.
  8. Redtick

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    I will say there are lots more rabbits south of Route 50 than north of Route 50. Again, in the area I do most of my hunting, rabbits are scarce and I believe the hunting season should have been shortened, not extended.

    I hunt squirrel dogs as well as beagles and really don't squirrel hunt much until after the first frost. There are tons of "tree rats" and I don't believe they could be over harvested. But, rabbits can be over harvested easily.