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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Birdhunter, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Wanted to share this set I found this weekend in Kansas. Where was he after 1000 hours in the stand?

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  2. Holy Smokes! That's a world class rack right there!

  3. bear128

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    yeah thats a giant
  4. Going to score it this weekend, going to go conservative on spread and say it was 25" any guess on score? I will attest this deer is a true GIANT and he is still walking!
  5. :up:Wow, now that is a find!!!
    Now you need to find where it grew! HaHa.
  6. Dew

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    WOW! What a dandy. Funny how all the time spent in the woods and the true giants go unseen. I'll guess 217

    TJRANGER New Member

    I'm not a scorer but quarenteed toad!!! I'd sit 2,000 hrs in stand for a chance at that!!! Lol
  8. RonK

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    What was GPS coordinates on location?
  9. Ron that info is confidential! Lol
  10. RonK

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    Birdhunter I thought I might catch him off guard!!!
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  12. they make a skull plate fitting that you can mount those antlers on and then mount them to a form and buy a deer hide and have it mounted. they even have stain that makes it real true color. THAT would be worth it!!:up:
  13. What did he measure bird hunter?
  14. Now thats impressive,:up::up: