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  1. I hear a lot on the site about line control. is this the scent trail that the rabbit leaves for the dogs? sense me into it please....
  2. this is gonna be good!...LOL...we all know what it is...but we all differ when it comes to "good line control"...LOL...ill say it like this...after the rabbit has went leaves a scent line!...the hounds come a long on that scent line!...line control would be described as how well a hound stayed directly on the scent line the rabbit left!...staying in control of the line!...hope that helps!

  3. yes how accurately the dogs run the line.
  4. mine are so good that they can run a steak to the table lol the dog leaves a sente as well and some dogs will run it that is a bad thing trobin you back or just dropping in to check thigs out
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    Wait blu, you mean you know something about linecontrol?!?!?!?!?!?
  6. im back for a few! even made rabbit hunt with FC Shilo this morning. worked till midnight, slept till 5, and dropped dogs at 7!!! thats dedication baby!
  7. I like to think that line control is a little more than just following a line when a rabbit is up and running!

    I think a dog picking up a old track and working it around and through the bushes, where the rabbit has feed or chased a mate all night, and finally jumping that rabbit.

    A lot of dogs just hit the bushes and run through until something jumps, the ones that go in the bushes with thier noses to the ground and give you that litle yelp, or short wimper, letting you know they smell him/her, but haven't located the rabbit are doing great line control !!!

    Line control also includes, working out those checks (That is when they lose the Line). Rabbits can do almost anything to lose a pack or a dog! It is the dogs that can figure out just what that rabbit did by following that track. Sometimes it is quick and some times it take a while!

    If you stay close enough to you pack and can watch them working a check you will learn a lot about each of your individual dogs! You will get to know who can really work a check and follow a line!

    My slowest dog is without a dought is my best line control dog! Her nose never leave the ground! I say slowest, she really isn't slow, she just works the line slower than my other dogs. I see her run a hot line with the other dogs sometimes, but most of the time she is bringing up the rear right on line. She will be the one to figure out a hard check everytime when the rest have been all over the check area!

    It is fun to watch her! The other dogs know this also! They all watch her alittle and if she give a whimper on a scent they are all over her trying to pick it up!

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    ^ I saw this very same thing happen this weekend. One of my brothers dogs lies like a politician. We put 3 new dogs in with the pack and Molly ( 8 yr old) went to him 2 times when he sounded off. Both times he barked there was no rabbit scent where he barked, after the second time she never responded to him again. Later on he fell in line with her and they had only been togther for one night and maybe 45 minutes that morning. These dogs are smarter than I give them credit for.
  9. Well said Blu... And it means different things to different people... To us the dog should run the same line the rabbit ran
  10. its all the same then but where i am from here in perry county a scent trail that a dog can smell that others cant and he bumps on it every once in a while we call it trailing. some people like dogs tight mouth but i think this comes in hand field trialing because i think the have so long to produce a rabbit after they open or bark.
  11. Mud Bug,

    Did'nt know about the time thing o from the first bark!

    My Dogs wouldn't make it with all the rules!

    My rules, my dogs! I only hunt'em!

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