IFC Taylor's Sock-it-to-me

Discussion in 'Breeding, Bloodlines, and Pedigrees' started by Shepdawg, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Shepdawg

    Shepdawg New Member

    Wondering if there is any close bred bloodline still out there with this breeding and if so anything available for sale? Looking for young 15" male that can do it all by himself, clean hard hitting with upper speed. I recently had one pass on after 12 great years and many rabbits killed and struggling to find a replacement. Any help appreciated.
  2. jabo

    jabo New Member

    Sock it to me is in the ped of my foundation male. I have had this since 92 and really like it. I will have to look back and see how close it is to what I have now. Shoot me a pm if want to know more.

  3. Shepdawg

    Shepdawg New Member

    I would appreciate that, do you have anything for sale like I described?
  4. pilotknob

    pilotknob New Member

    There is a guy close to me that has been line breeding it ever since To-Me was alive.PM me and I'll try to find his contact info.