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    Hi to all , I live in eastern Va. and i have been out of the rabbit running dog business for a while and im looking to get back in . the previous dogs i have run were just grade gun dogs . Now my daughter and i are looking to start back up . This time i Wanna get 4 already Running dogs to build off of . I am not familar with beagle blood lines and im open to n e and all suggestions as to which lines are better and where to find good dogs not someone elses culls. again i am completley new to the registered dog world and consider my self a newbie when it comes to that . Thanks in advance for any replies.:D
  2. you could look for differant trials in your area and just go to spectate . i would go to differant formats to see what fits your style and see how the ones you like are bred.

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    thanks how do i find trials in my area i looked at akc website and came up with none in my area
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    If you had some idea of what style and speed of hound you were looking for some guys on here might be able to point you in the right direction.A friend of mine Walter Salanova lives in Va. Briarfootkennel.If he dosn't have what you are looking for he might know where it is in your area.
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    There are other registries than AKC. UKC has beagle events, PKC has beagle events, and so does ARHA. All have web sites on the Internet. The suggestion of going to trials is a good one. Beware, there are different types of trials and several different sets of rules beagles are judged by. Attend several if possible and try to find the style you like. Also, beware of sellers, not all are honest.
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    i have been lucky and got a couple off of beaglesforsale online . i would say watch them run before you buy . i think if you know what style of dogs you want you can narrow it down to a couple different bloodlines to look at .
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    ok well im looking for a line that handles well and runs a steady track at a medium speed i guess a 6 or so . i like a dog that opens good while on track . (not too tight mouth ) want them to really beat the bushes and hunt close and thourough. i guess im looking for the perfect pack lol. If u guys know a line that i should look at then im all ears .
  8. I like my Weir Creek hounds. They are consistent about running, move the rabbit at a medium to upper medium speed and are smart enough to craw when they have to. They hunt very well and have no problem getting in the thicket. Not everyone likes them but I do.
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    thanks for the reply
  10. Gnatboy
    I would go with blackcreek and or inline black jack
    I have had a lot of different bloodlines. But all the dogs I have or have seen from these lines hunt hard and close with great line control.

    Checkout my videos .
    Go to YouTube.
    Search bellmorekennels.
    And just click on any video you see mercy Amy or Sara.
    Just sold a female Katie to a board member and she going very well for him.

  11. gnatboy, your on the right track. Sounds like you already have a good idea what you want. I was going to say a blackcreek bred pack, but your kind of right in the middle of some great kennels from what i have viewed. Now the real fun begins. (Decisions-Decisions) Enjoy & let them hounds sing!
  12. there is an old saying---"Good dogs are where you find them". there is good in all lines as well as bad. From your statement you described blackcreek dogs.They are known for their hunt-grit-an most are med. to med+ speed with a good mouth.
    go to different kennels and hunt with their dogs--IN THE WILD.
    go to field trials and spectate.
    go and hunt with any dog you buy before making the purchase. Then you will know whether or not it suits you:thumb: Good Luck
  13. If you want something that runs a medium speed (6) stay away from blackcreek, like has been suggested just start looking for some reputable breederd or trialers in your area and go watch them run.
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    Gunslinger show us what a med. 6 is.
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    Here is a clip just taken this weekend at a NKC/ARHA Gundog pack trial I posted in the video section in case you missed it, and yes there is a blackcreek in there running. You make the call, I would for sure look up Walter as he is in your state. Good luck.
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    That was a good run Plumber. Couldn't see much but it didn't sound like they were having many breakdowns. I would rate them a 6.5 on speed. A lot of SPO trials look like this.
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    Gnatboy113 speed is judged different by everyone, 2 people can be watching the same dog run and both have a different opinion on what speed the dog is running. You will have to see for yourself to make the call on what speed you think a dog is. Here is the way I see it I run a faster type dog and I have heard alot of people with a fast dog say their dog is fast and runs a 8,9,10 my thought is this the rabbit is running the 10 so if your dog is a 10 he should be catching the rabbit. I have figured out one thing about people calling the speed,if the person has never ran fast dogs they will typically over state the speed on a slower pack and a person who is saying they run fast dogs will typically do the same thing. I have ran every speed made I think from a 0 a dog that won't run to a 11 a dog that can outrun the rabbit. The dogs above in my opinion, no disrespect to anyone they looked good, are running a flat 5. I am only stating what speed I think they are to show how one person would call a dog a 5 and one would call it something different, which one is right, who knows and who cares but people look at things different.
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    Here is another clip of the same race. Forgot too say I started filming half way through the race. They circled this guy several times and saw this rabbit at least 10 times crossing the road. Everyone gets caught up on the speed scale, when really they should be looking at the gears in a hound. Thats what makes a true gundog in my book. The hounds you see above are tight and can drive it. They also can crawl if they got too. They are geared too run a rabbit in any condition good or bad and stay pretty tight in a check when the checks come. Keep the rabbit moving with little down time, rather it be walk it out, jog, or run em. If this pack is a flat med. say 5 I will take it all day long! :D
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    I'm With you Plumber,I'ed love to run with and hunt over that pack any day.Speed and efficiency are two different things.Most checks are mistakes caused by the dogs.No doubt with a pack like that on it's tail given time if a rabbit doesn't hole up it will seize up and get caught.
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    I'm a breeder of the Weir Creeks and I like them too!!!! LOL!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: