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Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by salzer mtn, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. salzer mtn

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    A lady emailed me about buying a pup. She said if she bought a pup from me, which are 3 months old, would i give her a written guarantee that the pup is healthy. I explained to her that i give my pups all their shots and de-worm them. What would you have told her about the guarantee ?
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    I would tell her what you told her and if that wasn't enough I would have told her to come get the pup and take it to your vet. If the pup checks out for her to pay the vet and be on her way. If it didn't I'd pay the vet and bring it back. I'd never give anyone a guarantee and let them take the pup home for 3 or 4 days until they had time to get to a vet. You never know what they will expose the pup to. This way you have proof the pup was fine when it left your place! JMO

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    I think that is the biggest reason I quit selling puppies. People would buy them and two weeks to six months later call and the pup is sick and they want to know what I am going to do about it.
  4. I say give her the guarentee write every thing u did for the pup from the day it was born and the dates also what u did to insure that it would b healthy by what u did for the mom then tell her that the pup is guarenteed to b healthy the day she picks it up then from there the pup is her responsibality to keep it healthy from there on because then it becomes her puppy
  5. A lot of the people that sell the "pet" type of dogs give a written guarentee aginst genetic defects for 1 year. Hound people do it compleatly different
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    I dont have a problem giving a guarantee that one is healthy but only for 72 hours unless its something that I couldnt have known about at the time the new owner picked up the pup. I had a pup brought back last summer because they didnt like the way his skin looked 3 months later and that one ticked me off so I came up with an agreement that includes a health guarantee and also states that I have no control over its color, size, etc.
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    I guess the best route to go if you really wanted to poor the money into a litter would be to take all of the pups to the vet and let him give all the shots and let him de-worm them and get his signiture on each pup's health record and then when you sell one give them the vet's health record for the pup. The problem is you would have more money in the pup than what you could get out of it. Some buyers, especially pet owners expect all of this. I have watched a lot of court TV. and seems like every time a dog case comes up the judge always side's with the party that is suing the dog breeder. The pup buyer always get's the judge with a sob story. So i guess the only thing that would hold up in a court of law is a vet record. I had rather sell to a rabbit hunter any day than someone that wants one for a pet.
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    Gary, I have sold several pups this year that went for pets. I gave the owner a schedule of the shots and wormings they have had at time of sale with a health certificate for date of sale. I haven't had any problems with people with crazy demands. I think that the potential threat of lawsuit causes us to worry too much. I've found people to be honest and reasonable for the most part.