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    How many of you guys run dogs (that is a good distance from your home ) run dogs alone . I do by myself all the time but I don't fill that it is a safe thing to do now when I go hunting everybody wants to go . How do you guys feel being in the woods all alone.
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    Used to hunt with my dad and brother, but work caused me to move away from them. I do ninety percent of my hunting alone, but would much prefer to be in the woods with them. I agree that the best thing is to have a buddy to go with, but it doesn't always work that way.

  3. I started running dogs alone and still do. I am a 23 year old gal and it is very difficult to find a running buddy! Most people think im crazy for tromping around in the swamp listening to dogs bark! So i joined a beagle club and am slowly meeting more people!

  4. C_Dailey

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    I run dogs, rabbit hunt, and deer hunt by myself roughly 95% of the time. I has no worries/concerns, I know the good Lord will keep me safe on my adventures.
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    That blows my mind! You'd think that there would be plenty of young men who are beaglers that would jump at the chance to get to know a young lady who enjoys beagling.
  6. Because of Vietnam Flashbacks and I run Blueticks most people don't want to go with me :alright: Now that I'm getting rid of the Blueticks more people like me , but I think the Flash-Backs might still scare some folks:headscratch: But I've not shot anybody yet:smack:
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    I would think the blueticks would be a plus. It takes a strong man to run blueticks in a tri colored world.:whistle: However, I don't know about a guy who might swing and trigger all in one motion, but I am proud to know that you served our country in Vietnam. Thanks for your service.:flag: (still the best country on the planet)
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    running along


    I'm really surprised you don't have a young gentleman that would love a female running buddy. I sure wish my wife loved the dogs and surely wish she would tag along. I would probably be able to make more Field Trials and get out with the dogs more if she were interested.

    Best of Luck, you will soon have a liftime running buddy!!

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    I hunt by myself, but not by choice. I'm about in the same boat as cooz. Just nobody around here interested in doing it. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy mother nature by myself, but it would also be safer to be with another. That reminds me that I should start leaving a note on the kitchen table every time I go out. If I don't show up to work, maybe someone will find me before I become mountain lion food!
  10. bbg

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    I usually run alone. Mostly because Im always training a young pup. But also some don't like to run their dogs with mine. I am never uncomfortable or feel unsafe in the woods though.
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    Thats the great thing about dogs your never alone:D
  12. Rodgerl

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    I probably hunt 95 percent of the time by my self. I like to go with other people some but I've always got some young dogs I'm training & you can take what you want to by your self. I feel safer in the woods than I do in a big city.:D
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    i live in indiana

    Just curious, what area in Indiana do you live?.. I hunt up around Mississinewa & a few woods around the Kokomo area.. I live in Kokomo (50miles N of Indy).. If you live at a resonable distants, I would hunt w/you sometimes, if you'd like.. Now to be upfront I am new to rabbit hunting w/my dogs..Really enjoy it.. I have a couple decent dogs, a couple older dogs (thier slow but good noses) & a pup that has came from an good bloodline that I am trying to get in the woods as much as possible..
  14. mike borel

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    I have always hunted squirrel by myself and sometimes rabbit..i used to love squirrel huntig for a couple hours and then just sit back against a tree and take in the sounds and smells until i'd fall asleep.but this year i just dont wanna b alone in the woods dont feel as safe as i used to..:headscratch:
  15. I usually hunt alone. I enjoy the time to myself. Every once in a while one of my kids decide they're board and go with me.
  16. Addi

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    I run alone most of the time. However, due to my age, 70, and the crazies in the world I think about it more often.
    Last season I was hunting with a guy and his dad. The dogs were running a rabbit that traveled across the line onto the edge of a dairy farm. I walked over there to the fence line. Then I heard this guy coming toward me from the farm screaming obscenities and threatening to kill the dogs. He said they had already caused one of his cows to have a heart attack and die. I called the dogs and walked back down the hill to tell my hunting buddy about the situation. He was highly pissed and threatened to go back up and confront the farmer. I talked him out of it.
    I have reflected on the situation and wondered if the farmer may have had a meth lab or something else that he was hiding. I seriously doubt beagles caused a cow to have a heart attack. Most cows will run a beagle off the farm.
  17. I run dogs when the season is not in about 99% of the time by my self. Most of the guys I hunt with don't have dogs so I very seldom hunt alone.
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    x2 :clap:
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    I say this w/ respect some of you older fellas need to quit all that running by yourself!!!! I dont care how many years you've done it its just not the safest thing to do.You never know what could happen man. Find you a youngster or anyone willin to give it a try see if they'll go with you.
  20. If I go by myself I go some where close to home. It's only a few miles away. We have a few area's we like to run on old strip mines, but people party up there. Some has even tried to steal dogs before, and rob people. Depending on were I go depends on if I go alone or not.