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  1. Mike Manning, I never met you, but Tdog and Kansas Mike say your a stand up guy. Well I picked up one of my favorite magazines I get, Fur-Fish-Game, the February edition and there was a very nice article about you. It's always nice to see beagle articles in outdoor magazines. Good job!
  2. no wonder Mike put a chin strap on his baseball cap.............he got the bighead..............:wink3::poke:

  3. 10ACbeagler

    10ACbeagler Active Member

    Picked it up last month as well good article been hearin a lot of good things about this ol boy and his dogs !!!! Congrats kn article!!
  4. RKW

    RKW New Member

    Haven't seen it yet but congatulations! :up:

  5. woodleaf

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    Mike is a great handler and a stand up guy. If he tells you something about a dog, thats the way it is. Good to see the good guys get some recognition. Congrats Mike

  6. I served in the Navy with a Mike Manning from KY and although not the same Mike Manning, he too was a stand up guy.....must be something in the name :thumb:
  7. TDOG

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    Daltongang the mike manning from this article is skeered of water.
  8. TDOG

    TDOG New Member

    Daltongang the mike manning from this article is skeered of water.
  9. Daddy Rabbit

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    WTG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>> Mike

    Way To Go Mr. Mike~~~~~~>

    Somebody has to Look Good, for Us Wabbit Dawg, Boys!!

    D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rabbittown, USA~~~~~>>:clap:
  10. hunterathart

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    Mr. Will I think Mike's wife put a bark collar on him when she is around him the dogs liking the dog food?
  11. 501bdd

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    Mr Mike is a good guy has hauled a pup to someone for me.
  12. Chris Thompson

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    Mike is a super guy to deal with. He is conditioning a dog for me now and has run 5 for me this year so far. Straight shooter!
  13. davtracy

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    Mike is a good one and his studs are top quality as well. I have bought two dogs through Mike and both were as described. Wouldn't be afraid to spend my hard earned dollar with him and Country Cat puts out the best pups I've every run with.
  14. bseger

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    Come on yall stop telling all those stories, yall know Mike is a sorry son of a gun. HAHA Just Joking, MIke is a great fellow and competitor and can get a dog ready for a trial. Dont get that magazine but gonna try and find one just for that article.
  15. 10ACbeagler

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    Country cat is 15 in right?? Anyone got any good 13s outta him?? I been hearin a lot about this dog im just more if a 13.and under..just curious dont mean to hi jack!!
  16. crappie

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    Iv heard most of his females are going under 13".
  17. Cripple Creek

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    Thanks for the kind words guys.Country is throwing both 13'' and 15'' I have two 15'' females here with 2 wins a piece and a 13'' female here with a win in a class of 58.
  18. bseger

    bseger New Member

    I got to watch country cat run this weekend and he is a good one. He is a looker too.
  19. Lol, but I must admit, being inside a sub I didn't too much care for seeing water myself :D