Bluetick coonhound x beagle cross

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  1. I tell u guys a buddy of mine has crossed his beagles up like that for years. On grade beagles. Nd i i believe those r some of the best rabbit dogs ive been with. Lol also tree ya a squirel. Any of you other guts had any experiences with this?
  2. Bad spelling today. * and , * guys not guts lol

  3. why intentionally do that ? why make accidents knowingly;
  4. C_Dailey

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    I know. A guy that ran with someone that had em, he said they could flat burn one up and were about 20 inches tall. Said they were some of the fastest dogs he'd ever seen.
  5. years ago guys bred dogs like that...................but theres no place for it now..
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    I was reading some on the squirrel dog board and people cross bird dogs, and curs with beagles to get better hunt in the beagles. Use too years ago people had utitity dogs that could tree coon at night, tree squirrels by day and run rabbits in the winter. if people today had to depend on their dogs for food you would see them empting out their kennels of ribbon chasers and buying different dogs. LOL
  7. I agree! And I made it intentionaly known because they were good dogs. Whos cares anyway? They were all grade dogs to begin with when they were bred.
  8. I had a whole pack of crosses 20 years ago,grittiest,hardest hunting dogs I have owned.They were out for blood and killing game.Of course back then so was I!!:thumb:
  9. I beleive it. The ones ive been with were the same way. Number one meat dogs. I think at times people have hung their heads to high nd are too good for such a dog. They are missing out on some fun. Those are REAL swamp rabbit dogs.
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    The guy I know that ran with em, he said if you didn't get to the rabbit before the dogs there wouldn't be one left. The owner gave the dogs the heads off of each rabbit and with 2 crunches it was gone. This man also kept the dogs penned up with the pigs, they ate what the pigs ate and were some hard huntin dogs.
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    maybe not

    for field trials but they are greate to gun hunt.
  12. speed and drive trails they have them all the time here :thumb:
  13. meat dogs

    round here if u aint huntin for meat u aint huntin wether it be deer rabbit coon or pigs dogs are made to hunt the meat
  14. Id like to try a walkerxbeagle cross or a july walker. Oughtta flat burn a swamp bunny's rear end up.
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    I learned to rabbit hunt using Walker or mixed Walker fox hounds. (Grade Dogs) :D I couldn't afford a beagle, but my older brother dated a girl whose dad had a pack of fox hounds. He would bring a puppy home and when it matured it would run rabbits in the cotton fields in Louisiana. I was too small to carry a gun at that time but I would tag along with my brother. I can remember that he limited out with ten rabbits on several occasions. Some of those hounds would get on their belly and crawl under briars and brush piles just like a beagle. The ones that I remember doing that were the smaller probably 20" hounds
    I didn't own a beagle until I got discharged from the Navy.
  16. coss breedin

    are deer dogs are half breeds which are walker/beagle they wont run em out of the country but push em good they put it on a swamper if u put in some wet lands also
  17. My uncle always kept rabbit dogs that were 1/4 bluetick. They were always 15-16 inch. He said the reason he liked them was the loud bawl mouths they had.
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    Best jump dog I ever saw was half beagle and half feist. Next best was beagle crossed on a weinie dog (Daxie). They would look for the rabbit not a track.
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    My uncle use to keep dogs that were half beagle and half jack russel.They were some of the first dogs I ever hunted with.I have spent my whole life trying to get purebred beagles that would hunt like them.They had sorry mouths but they regulary caught rabbits on the jump.
  20. I had a buddy that had a half basset half blue tick. He was a good rabbit dog, but his best trait was that he could follow a wounded deer blood trail that was several hours old.