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  1. bhprice

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    4 litters of AKC Blackcreek Puppies ready to go!!:clap: Will post pedigrees and pictures soon.
    Lofton's LouLou/JB Rabbit Road Gunner 4F 2M DOB 5/17/13
    Blackcreek Julie/Lewis Blackcreek Teddy 1F 3M DOB 4/8/13
    Blackcreek Wendy/JM Blackcreek Captain D 4F DOB 4/18/13
    Muddy Bayou Sadie/Lewis Blackcreek Teddy 1F 4M DOB 4/17/13

    Call Earl 601-270-6314
  2. bhprice

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    Julie/Teddy pups born 4/8/13.....first and second pictures are gips; third picture is males

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  3. bhprice

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    LouLou Gunner pups

    LouLou Gunner pups, 4 gips..2 dogs

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  4. bhprice

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    Wendy Captain

    Wendy - Captain 2 females

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  5. bhprice

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    Sadie/Teddy pups

    DOB 4/17/2013 1 gip, 2 males

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  6. Them are some really great looking pups you can be proud of them whereabouts are you located
  7. bhprice

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    We live in Wiggins, MS. Call Earl 601-270-6314, he does not text or email; but he LOVES to talk about these dogs!!!!!!
  8. Sister Betty

    Tell my friend those are some good looking pups

    Rev Arnold
  9. bhprice

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    Sadie Pups are SOLD

    Sadie pups are sold
  10. bhprice

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    Julie gips are sold

  11. beagle123

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    How much for the two males pictured off of the julie/teddy breeding. I have a buddy looking to get back started after being out for 8 years or so. Hes just wanting a pair he can work with and ease back into it.
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    do you still have the two males out of juile
  13. cambo

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    do you still have female in top picture of wendy and captain?
  14. bhprice

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    They are available CALL Earl 601-270-6314
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    Just got three puppies from Mr. Earl, he told me that a couple weeks ago they had bad hair. Boy when I got there today to pick them up I was all smiles, they shined like new money!!!
  16. muzzy17is

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    Nice talking with you Mr. Earl. These are some good looking pups! Got plenty rabbits down here in Fl for them to run.
    Looking forward to seeing more pics. Talk to you soon.

  17. bhprice

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    New LuLu/Gunner pictures

    New pictures Gunner/LuLu pups

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  18. bhprice

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    Male on the right and female in the middle are spoken for
  19. muzzy17is

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    Just got a couple of pups from Mr Price. Very nice guy and delivered some good looking dogs. Thanks, Earl.