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    6 month old male black and tan. Just started. Out of FC Five Star Double O Seven. Looks like going to have a little more foot than i want. Excellent kennel manners and good pedigree. Looks to be a 13 inch. Im in lynchburg Va. Will sell for 200.00. 434-660-5228

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    Good lookin Hound, I wish you were closer i would take him off of your hands.
  4. it s called shipping him :thumb:
  5. What's momma name? And ped?
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    I can e mail you or text pedigree to you. Moms name is Libby
  7. Ok, I called today and no problem...I'd like to see her(dame) ped please....I cant remember sires ped. either.?..seems like chicken x frenchie....but not sue...I know he was in the magazine but kids done something with it too ...I email me at
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    It's called $300.00 from VA
  9. yep