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  1. I know those of you that trial dont. But for those of us that just rabbit. Do anyone ever cross their beagle wit feist? If so I would be interested in a pup or two.
  2. my first two rabbit dogs was beagle feist mix. I had them for years and never had a deer race and was two of the best dogs I ever had. they were tight lipped till the rabbit was up and they loved to hunt

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    The first dogs I ever hunted with were my uncles Beagle/Rat Terrior crosses.The worst thing rabbits could do was hold tight.They would catch some on the jump on days like that.They were tight mouthed also didn't have very pretty mouths.But could stick to a line like glue.Meat Dogs.....
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    A few years ago, there was a small black fiest type dog and a beagle that would run rabbits in the neighborhood. I would hear them and try to see what they were doing. The beagle was a nice looking tri color with straight legs but was slow as molasses. The Fiest would jump a rabbit and fly to a brush pile. The rabbit was running for its life or be caught. The beagle would shuffle along until it got to the brush pile then walk around it bawling. I was surprised but I never saw it enter a brush pile. Meanwhile the Fiest would go into the brush pile and the rabbit sprint to the next bruspile/briar patch, while the beagle was still walking around the empty brush pile bawling. Finally he would hear the Fiest barking, quit and shuffle over to the next hiding place. They would do this until finally the rabbit would go into a hole.
    Between the two, if I was picking a rabbit dog, I would have chosen the Fiest.
  5. I have a buddy that has deer dogs, rabbit dogs and squirrel dogs. He had an accidental breeding with one of his fiest males and one of his rabbit beagle females year before last, had 3. The female out of the litter was sooooo good last year that he has made another cross to another one of his females, also had 3. Short of the story I am going to breed one of my females to the best one of the half beagle, half fiest males this year.
  6. i hadnt seen beagle fiest mix but years ago a friend of my dad had a pack of beagle/rat terrier mix. they were about 8 or 9 inches tall and quick. i remember the man used to take a little hand shovel with him because if the rabbit holed up they would go in after him.
  7. Rabbithound put me on the list for a female pup when u make that cross an where are you located in N.C.
  8. Smoke if I good luck. The guy who has the male may want a couple so we will see. Rocky Mount, NC.
  9. Got that lil feist/beagle female today hope she makes a good rabbit dog.
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    My dad says he grew up with those and he swears by them.
  11. My Father was the same way guess thats why I like to :wink:keep a couple of them around.
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    Like my dad always told me they will either run rabbits or they will tree squirrels. I love beagles but I always keep that little male feist around treeing squirrels just in case I just might want to try it someday.
  13. A good day behind my beagle/feist crew.

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  14. X2!

    One of them is still living at the ripe old age of 16. Still able to get around better than you would think at that age too.
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    That long life is one reason I think about crossing to feist or rat terrier.Just hate to lose the bawl mouth. My red half feist gyp is making a great little dog.The only thing I don't like is the very high pitched chop mouth.
  16. I didn't get that cross made last year, I hope to get it done this year. It's something I really want to try.