Any beagle clubs in North Alabama?

Discussion in 'Beagle Clubs' started by brabbit, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. brabbit

    brabbit New Member

    I have not heard of any around here.
  2. bamabeagler

    bamabeagler New Member

    Marion County Beagle Club, just outside of Hamilton. We hold ARHA Progressive Pack Trials. Bankhead beagle club in Moulton is also a ARHA PP club. I am pretty sure there is a AKC club down around Jasper also.

    Shoot me a PM if you'd like more info on the ARHA PP clubs.


  3. jabernathy84

    jabernathy84 New Member

    north alabama beagle club is in lauderdale county. they r akc spo i think
  4. brabbit

    brabbit New Member

    You any contact info for them Johnny?
  5. jabernathy84

    jabernathy84 New Member

    several in north mississippi
  6. Central AL B/C is in Bremen just south of Cullman and is having trial next weekend 17th & 18th. Come join us!
  7. Can yall explain thw differences in pp and the other styles of running. I'm thinking about getting Into field trails and wanted to lnow what suits me