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  • Should a Field Champion "rabbit hound" be required to...
    :D~JMO~ when a beagle pup is born---it is 6 months away from its first potential deer race.
    Given the right situation they will give it a try especially if a big mouth excited dog leads

  • Best place to order a pedigree
    Where's the best place to order a pedigree from or best on line service. Thankssee briarjumper
    on this board. He does excellent work:thumb:

  • SummerBoredom
    the board has been pleasant~friendly~informative~helpful and most of all enjoyable this whole
    summer.NO BATTLES FOUGHT !!I don't see where creating conflict is entertaining.*****most of the
    people ban...

  • !!!! Reward !!!!
    I have raised a lot----LOT of pups thru the years--coondog-squirrel dog--beagle----the best
    litter I have ever raised was out of cowboy-----HANDS DOWN best litter I ever raised. pups
    built like Sherma...

  • my son nino & updated leo pic
    :up::up::up:TOP-SHELF !!!:thumb:

  • Coyotes are getting brave
    I have been told that they cannot digest and pass foam (cushion type)if cut in squars and
    soaked in slaughterhouse blood they would gorge on it and die from not being able to eat
    because stomach is cl...

  • Placing Value on Dogs
    I am gonna follow this thread to see if I can learn!!!!:thumb:I got some money wont
    buy.........I got others I cant even dump without them finding their way home!! I have others
    that I feel is priced ...

  • Toby joe
    :up:LOOKS GOOD! howz he bred?

  • Fc.Wilham's Country Cat
    Country produced 4 champions this past trial season and I expect 4-5 more to finish this
    season.I am sure Molly would have made it if I had let you campaign her:thumb:Cat has a
    grand-pup up north that...

  • hpr's shakey pups
    NICE!! :thumb:

November 4, 2013  •  10:05 AM
Will I got something you might be interested in, give me a call for details

John McConnell
August 20, 2014  •  08:53 PM
Will you ever get any pups outa Sadie