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  • Vet costs
    What I have observed over the years. The more people that are working at the vet clinic the
    more you are going to pay. I had a friend who had his female attacked by a coyote, it was early
    morning and ...

  • Lemon beagles
    it or not, these two are heavy cotton country blue eagle bred. talk about drive, grit, and
    hating a rabbit.want to part with one of them??Plumber used to have a lemon---does he still
    have it?

  • Puppy millers
    Got my first puppymill/dog jockey victim today.I live on a dead end road and it has a turn
    around at the end. People dump their wonder dogs when they find out they are no good and the
    dog wanders into...

  • Lemon beagles
    I am speaking about the white-red/brown spots type rabbit dog.WHAT is the best line and what
    are their strong points? would like to own one just as achange up to set down with my
    blackcreekAll imput a...

  • Vet costs
    most go to school and work at min wages for 8 to 12 years. Then, they pay thru the nose for
    medications. They have to have insurance like regular med doctors . Their overhead is
    tremendous.for what th...

  • Puppy millers
    i understand what your talking about and agree but some breeders have a bunch of brood bitches
    that aint ever seen a rabbit. each to his own but i believe that the bitch may even have more
    to do in ge...

  • decapitated rbt.
    OWL ! open the carcass up and sprinkle marlin fly bait in it.:up:

  • jump power?
    seems everyone agrees that pro, otis and buckshot jones are some of the best bloodlines, but
    what do you cross with them to get alot of hunt and jump power, thanks.I crossed blackcreek
    with a buckshot...

  • Lucky find!
    I bought the flashing light that goes on the collar and put on all my collars. Never set a dog
    down without turning them on. so far I have recovered 3 collars. those 20.00 lights from okie
    supply has ...

  • Hunting dog care!!
    trimming toenails prevents sore feet. they will break into the quick and tear off
    completely.Nothing wrong with giving a dog a bath. they stink if you don't. In the summer when
    I put a dog in running ...