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  • dog yard set-up
    no, I have about 10 males I am gonna let go of some of them. All good rabbit dogs less than 2
    yr old. I got 10blackcreek gyps and 4 shorts blooded females.I usually keep most of the litters
    and start ...

  • dog yard set-up
    above ground individual kennels dogs pups ready to start pen in case one gets sick ect

  • Good Foundation Genetics
    dogs are like automobiles......everbody will want something different.check out the gyp side
    and see what the ancestors produced on the gyp side.once you have that info--buy the best
    females you can g...

  • Future Breeding
    :up:NICE!! Good luck with them:thumb:

  • Show off the red dogs !
    Heres one with a little red on him !! is that enough red to count:D

  • 35 days to go
    Mr Nate, when I was in Vietnam, I had that "don't give a dam attitude " up till the last 30
    days. Those last 30 was the worse because I started to worry and time slowed to a crawl.It will
    be good to s...

  • Show off the lemon beagles
    is a good looking gyp!!! :thumb: built like a tank!

  • Show off the lemon beagles
    hard to believe I am the only one on this board that has bought lemons:D

  • Show off the lemon beagles
    That's funny now that it's been explained maby if your lucky there will be recall and you can
    get your lemon fixedno recall....I called the guy that sold her and told him she wont hunt just
    walks aiml...

  • Any one seen these kind of dogs before?
    I had a dog when I was a kid that looked just like that one and everbody said it was airdale.
    it would run rabbit but it would also tree squirrel-coon--cats and hole groundhogs and dig in
    the hole try...

November 4, 2013  •  11:05 AM
Will I got something you might be interested in, give me a call for details

John McConnell
August 20, 2014  •  09:53 PM
Will you ever get any pups outa Sadie

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