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  • Fc.Wilham's Country Cat
    Country produced 4 champions this past trial season and I expect 4-5 more to finish this
    season.I am sure Molly would have made it if I had let you campaign her:thumb:Cat has a
    grand-pup up north that...

  • hpr's shakey pups
    NICE!! :thumb:

  • Cruise on jig-a-boo
    Mr John, this is the dog you asked about. I can show you pups out of him 6mo old and 1yo. He is
    reproducing good pups and his last litter was 9 pups.~Thanks

  • "Papers dont run a rabbit!" ?????
    I look at pedigrees-get all the info on the ancestors I can get-AND IF- the dog is good-I will
    breed it. I wont breed one that is no good no matter what the pedigree saysI WISH some I have
    owned could...

  • My first litter of blackcreeks
    :up:NICE LITTER!!! good luck with them! :thumb:

  • Prayers Needed in the morning
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! c section is not bad really unless something out of the ordinary happens. I
    have 2 sons that came that , when the baby gets here!:thumb::D

  • Hanks Jo-Jo Blue
    check with Gary Hart in western tenn. he has a state farm insurance office so you should be
    able to find him. He had a lot of jo jo blue dogs

  • Removal of Cherry in eye
    I would never do that myself. THAT is a vets job. they can numb it to stop pain--cut it out and
    apply antibiotic eye drops. why risk blinding a dog.~JMO

  • people are ridiculous
    the forum's purpose is to share info and experiences and help each other. being non-judgemental
    makes it more enjoyable.:thumb:

  • parvovirus
    If a pup is wormy no amount of vaccine will keep it alive against parvo and most likely
    coccidian or giardia.I never give the pups shot until 5 days after they are weaned.I doo
    vaccinate the gyp a wee...

November 4, 2013  •  10:05 AM
Will I got something you might be interested in, give me a call for details

John McConnell
August 20, 2014  •  08:53 PM
Will you ever get any pups outa Sadie