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04-23-2014 8:53 AM


  • New comer needing some advice
    pups run ever chance you get. older seasoned dogs learn to catch and eat babys and break up
    nests jmo.

  • i don't normally brag but
    that was a good cross Steve. When you head to Pa. to breed to Dillon again--pick me up on the
    way and I will help drive:Ddon't hurt your eyes to look at either. GOOD LOOKING GYPS!!:thumb:

  • running pics
    :up: AWSOME!!

  • Rebel/Dandy Dan~LITTER
    Carlton, my door is always open !:thumb: We will be letting a few of these go . THIS litter
    will be special in my opinion. :up:

  • Rebel/Dandy Dan~LITTER
    we decieded yesterday to breed Sadie to one of my Dandy Dan/rock gyp pups~~STONEat 1 year old
    he is better than most 3 yo dogs. He will be trialed and its only a matter of time.Sadie is
    directly out o...

  • New litter
    Just curious which ones are you letting go and price?I am gonna let 4 go males 150 and females
    200 when the time comes:thumb:

  • Nice weather. New pics
    :up:Good looking dogs!! I like the head on the dog in the bottom pic. :thumb:

  • New additions to kennel
    TUFF-E-NUFF DIXIE ROSE out of Jiggs and brushfire driver gyp -E-NUFF SOUTHERN COMFORTjigs and
    CC slick gyp

  • running pen habitat gurus
    I planted lots and lots of briars and every local kind I found in the fields and woods. I dug
    and planted everyday for months. Now my pen is thick with them ever my head and full of
    rabbits. Down sout...

  • New litter
    Betcha theres another Marcel in the bunch!!THANKS~~ BUT --a man only sees a dog like marcel
    once in a lifetime and darn-it Bubba Seegar owned it:wink3:

November 4, 2013  •  10:05 AM
Will I got something you might be interested in, give me a call for details

John McConnell

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