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  • Belgian Hares?
    I've never used any. They're a breed of domestic rabbits. I have used other breeds of domestics
    and they work pretty good. If you try some let us know how they work.I bought a doe redback
    bred to a Be...

  • Puppymillers/dog jockeys
    I live on a dead end road----about 2 weeks after season starts I start getting strays-starved
    and dumped because they are no good. They wander into my place because they hear my dogs. THEN
    it becomes ...

  • Just wondering
    Guys, I will say this about DR. Yes he is a Hall of Fame member with more hound knowledge than
    many on here can only wish we had. The facts are that a lot of the posts that he wrote that got
    him banne...

  • Puppymillers/dog jockeys
    Rabbit season is here and along with it, comes dog shopping. sportsmen looking for a good dog
    or pup. Human nature is to try to get a good dog at a fair , affordable price.THIS action
    brings out the h...

  • Dog hauler needed for Tennessee and Louisiana from Ohio
    call mary ann at buck-eye dog transport. she does a great job:up:

  • Just wondering
    I wouldn't use the a- word, evidently Daddy Rabbit got banned for less. I'd sure like for the
    administrator to come on here and explain why Daddy Rabbit got banned. I'm surprised I haven't
    been banned...

  • Just wondering
    BANNED,,,how does someone like him get banned,,considering who he is,,I would let him say
    whatever he wanted,,,saying what you want---to anyone you want ---on anybodys thread---will get
    someone banned...

  • Are the Dogs The Same Or Have We Changed?
    dogs changed over the years as priorities changed--traits bred in and out depending on what was
    liked. THE BIGGEST change I have noticed is the amount of time a dog is run. when I was young
    we ran dai...

  • Breeding a Female
    JMO......problems can occur whether she has whelped in the past or not.I would be more
    concerned with ---was she a good mother----plenty of milk ect.---how many pups she raised from
    last litter. :up:

  • 55 Gal Drums for dog houses
    check with okie dog supply or google k-9 houses


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