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  • "Andy's" First Pups!!!

  • Brunswick county flounder
    good eating rite there!:up:

  • speed,line control,brains
    country cat and cowboy are very impressive when run up. grab a check and run like they wanna
    catch it.

  • Improving the beagle pack
    I have seen Mr Will's pups like he said they get more time on the ground at 8 months than most
    do in 2 years, but one thing he hasn't mentioned, he has a good understanding of pedigree's and
    what cros...

  • Yotes gave me a sacre today
    there is always a gun handy when I run in the wild. of some type. I had 4 come up and kill and
    run off with a squirrel dog pup. from that day on--I kill ever one I can by any means
    available.You did t...

  • Introduction
    welcome to ! good looking pup you started with!:up:you will find most to be
    helpful here and share a lot of good info~:thumb:

  • Russel Creek
    the sheetz are first class all the way. Ms Sheetz know the dogs as good as her husband and both
    will help you if they can.I saw gravedigger run and raised 2 litters out of him and plan to get
    one more...

  • Improving the beagle pack
    Everyone has certain expectations of there beagles and yours are certainly much higher than
    mine. Nothing wrong with that. I have been raising and hunting beagles for over 25 years and if
    I put as muc...

  • Cripple Creek Polkadottie
    Thanks.I just brought home a 13" derby female out of her and Darey Doe's On The Money that is a
    real nice young hound.Can't wait to see what she should be very pleased with her. the
    bitches ...

November 4, 2013  •  10:05 AM
Will I got something you might be interested in, give me a call for details

John McConnell