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  • Here is a cross that was made
    :up: that's a nice pedigree for sure! I bred sandman to bitsy (cc Looneytunes) blood) GOOD LUCK
    WITH YOURS:thumb:

  • new Dandy Dan male pup
    THAT is a good looking dog! Mine has a big big nose and screaming mouth.:up:

  • New dog~old blood
    Will, the rock gyp has been getting ready for a date for next weekend if everything goes as
    planned:up:it will be good to see ya. I am sure BULL will enjoy the visit:thumb:also:D

  • New dog~old blood
    Mr. Will how big is this dog and what is his ageI haven't measured him but I would guess 14"he
    will be 6 in October 2015.:up:I have been too busy to measure him but I will soon and post.
    When I found ...

  • New dog~old blood

  • New dog~old blood
    Mr Frank, thanks for the info. MY priority is trying to keep as much old blood as
    possible.:up:I will be breeding him to one of my shorts blooded gyps when I can. I believe he
    will produce good dogs f...

  • New dog~old blood
    I have several females from jigs and have done a lot of studying on what would cross over them
    and keep the old blood. TODAY , I was able to purchase that male, after a lot of searching and
    looking an...

  • Pics of cc blue eagle & pon run a train
    Carlton Rodney can hook ya up!! I got a pup from a gyp out of him and jigs that is

  • Deep south family reunion
    Mr Troy----no way I can be there before 9-10 am BUT this is important to me to know all of it
    ---SO--put me down for 2 cd's--(I will loose one for sure:wink:) THANKS and I look forward to
    seeing you:t...

  • Deep south family reunion
    will A copy of the filmed event be made available to the public and what is the cost and best
    way to get one?


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