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  • New Pups
    :up: Good looking pups! Good luck with them:thumb:

  • "Andy" might Lose Eye??
    if he didn't get bit in eyeball he should be ok. I had a pup get bit above the eyes and swelled
    both of them shut so he couldn't see. He came out of it ok in about 2 weeks

  • 6 days and I leave this Hell Hole
    I told Zeusyou was headed home and squatted down---peed---and headed for the brushpile in the
    dog yard, always lookin for something:D:thumb:

  • Very sick beagle!
    sounds like tick fever---I got one with it and its pretty bad stuff

  • Blackcreek Teddy Mac
    TEDDY MAC HAS MOVED !! He now lives in eastern Kentucky close to where I grew up. Mr John Trent
    is the new owner of teddy. He is known as Briarjumper on the board. I can honestly say, teddy
    gave it 10...

  • Preacher's Bit now!!!
    when I get barbed---I pour a little gas/oil mix out of motor and clean it with the solution and
    a rag and it don't stay sore long at all.:thumb:

  • Question on Tail Docking
    i have a 15mo female that is very tail happy when hunting. I can only run her 1 day a week or
    she bleeds a lot from her tail. I am dead set on docking so please don't try to talk me out of
    it. my ques...

  • "Andy" Snake Bit!!
    Copperhead probably. Give him some prednisone and dex.:up:

  • 1st Deer 2014
    YOP SHELF!!:thumb:kids remember that stuff for life. :up:


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