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  • Posted in thread: Wanting to find another bloodline for my kennel. on 07-27-2016 at 07:18 AM
    Dingus is where Branko dogs started from. Dingus Macrae and Anna's Ann was the foundation of
    the line.

  • Posted in thread: Heartland Rivers on 07-23-2016 at 03:55 AM
    You gotta quit catching all the crappie before you can turn your attention to cats !

  • Posted in thread: Problems with coyotes on 07-10-2016 at 08:36 PM
    Snares !!! but don't run your dogs near the snares. I catch a doz. or so a year with them.

  • Posted in thread: Micro chips on 07-08-2016 at 07:50 AM
    I chip all mine and I do it myself. I've used AVID and now use Home Again and have never had a
    problem with either. It's just like giving a pup it's shot plain and simple. I have a scanner
    that reads ...

  • Posted in thread: Weed eater string on 07-02-2016 at 08:16 PM
    I used to use 6 to 8 feet untill I got shock collars, now I don't need the string!As long as
    you can get within a few feet of the dog all you have to do is step on the string,after several
    trips the d...

  • Posted in thread: Inbreeding on 05-17-2016 at 06:30 PM
    I don't consider half brother/sister inbreeding, to me it is more very close linebreeding. Some
    of the best dogs ever to run a rabbit were the result of very close linebreeding and even
    inbreeding. Wo...

  • Posted in thread: Ivomec/ppo on 04-23-2016 at 07:16 PM
    No refrigeration needed as long as it's kept out of the light. Light is what makes it go bad,
    if it's clear it's good if it's yellow throw it away.

  • Posted in thread: Little Ireland on 04-14-2016 at 02:12 PM
    Gary, can he still produce ?

  • Posted in thread: Durabench vs Durabench Ultra on 03-25-2016 at 06:35 PM
    My advice is don't get the Ultra, go with the regular durabench and you'll never look back.

  • Posted in thread: reg. pups from ols sire on 03-11-2016 at 09:09 PM
    You will have to have a sperm count done at the vet after a male reaches 12 years of age and I
    may be wrong but I thought I was told once you had to have 2 people witness the tie, don't hold
    me to tha...