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  • Last day of 2015 small game season in Florida
    I sure did enjoy the Video,, was hoping to see some Red Hounds?Not there is anything wrong with
    the Tri's Colored, just a Ga. Red Neck with me,, you have a real good spot to do some videos ,
    do some m...

  • What breed got some foot with them?
    I Got a Homer/Hammer female with some Donavan Creek Ace blood in there a few years ago,, and
    been breeding some of old Radar blood to this old gal an Bingo!! I like what I been getting and
    these Gun H...

  • J. J.'s Red Dogs
    I been to Two Worlds Fairs. A Goat Get Together, A Worm Wrestling Contest, and I never Seen
    Anything like that !!D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>:up::clap:

  • High Rocks Weir Creeks
    Don't No Body Tell Mr.Tim but I think he is way, to Slow for trying to film Them Hounds !They
    sound real Good!! Look mighty good on the tail gate,, but they not going to stand in One Spot
    very long..D...

  • Rabbit population
    I read an article that the UGA, put out years ago,, about their test results of Sulfa Salt
    Blocks..I been using them Now for a number of years,,they do Help!!I had to ask my local farm
    supply to get t...

  • Last Day Was a Good One~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    I wasn't concern too much, about Ol' Doc Throwing in the Towel, as the way he was Going Down
    the Hill, them Weed Eaters he has been riding around for the last few years done about made and
    Old man out...

  • Great last hunt!! Dogs did great!! So pround of that Bluetic
    Yes, Sir you all Looking real good, and that old Bob cat,, been eating some rabbit also he is
    mighty big Fat Cat!!How long did your pack run that bad boy? I bet no body know what I am
    talking about,, ...

  • Rabbit hunters in NJ
    Hello,, I know that there is one gun Hunter in the State of N.J. as I sold him a Super Nice
    female a few years ago.. He was a retired State Trooper, and was asking me for nice female for
    over two year...

  • six month old male akc reg. southern Indiana
    Yep,, us Ga. Rad necks call that Setting ON The Thrown !!D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    P.S. Nice Looking male..

  • 2/28/15 hunt
    Tim.. About the same thing happen to us several weeks ago.. The newly found Deer lease that we
    was hunting on this Pass Sat. the 28th..We were ask to come bring my pack the last of January..
    So my old...

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