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  • UBGF Huge Nose Invite
    Carr:You better stay here in these Flat Lands, as a Ga.Red Neck would get Lost Up there in that
    Cold Country,, would be 4th of July before you found the way out..Hope all is going well Down
    on the Far...

  • speed,line control,brains
    Mr. Ed .B: Say I enjoyed the Weir Creeks, Pedigree and I likewise was running lots of trial
    back in the mid 90's.. I hade some of the same stock, myself.. That old boy Tommy Vinson, from
    Okla. was a r...

  • My Dad had a close call today
    Glen:Man, what a mess of Mr. Jack's Truck!!Hope they keep a close eye,, on them two fellows,
    that were inside the 2500 truck. I would say the Good Lord was looking after them both.Keep
    Looking Up!D.R....

  • Bought me a new rabbit blaster yesterday
    Glen, will have to say for his pump, although I have one just like his, and the one I have is
    Improved Cyl.That pair on the table, are some cut down that I did. The back one, is a Lefever,
    it has a 28...

  • Cripple Creek Polkadottie
    Better Watch Out, she might put some Pep in them other pups, Step!!Grad you made the trip in

  • Lost a good one today.
    Young Man so sorry, for your loss.I lost a few over the years,, but Never to a Snake,, that's a
    bad way to loose them,, but keep your faith, may not be easy to find another like Her..Keep
    Looking Up!D...

  • Bought me a new rabbit blaster yesterday
    Glen:Let me give you some good Advise,, when you shooting these,, Cut downs,, Like My two,
    there on the table,, If you don't Look Down the Barrel, real Well, you will Miss!Here is the
    Good Advise, par...

  • Looking for old blood
    Yep,, Rock is correct about the breeding of The two males, in question..I was lucky enough to
    have seen bother them run a good many times,, and I can tell you the reason that they Did Not
    Use C.C.Scou...

  • Bought me a new rabbit blaster yesterday
    Dalton,,, you have the O.K. to show these ol Wabbit Hunters, what I been shooting for the last
    30 years..Good to hear the Report on Buddy, I will let you tell the Preacherman about him,, if
    he can pas...

  • "Little Bell Flips Out!"
    Say Preacherman,, looks like you done gave little Bell, some of your Moon Shine?I thought she
    had got over that bad habit,, but like some folks that I have known,, didn't even know they
    Drank until on...

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