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    O.K.Come on Folks help this bunch Out!!Its been A While since I heard some of them names,, but
    they, JAM UP GOOD OLD BOYS!!D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>:thumb:

  • Going rate for pup starting
    I get $100 each pup. That may sound high,, but for what I do its well worth the price.. I
    always seem to have an doe jump over inside my starting pen's ever year.. So not only do I get
    the pups runnin...

  • Would Love a Opinion Or Thoughts On This?
    I find this, to be a very informative post.. I think it more about what the hound owner is
    expecting form his/her hounds..What I will tolerate,, some folks would not.. Think I will hold
    my thoughts, f...

  • Nite-Guard Lights
    Yep,, I think they help some,, but those old Night Birds are sharp !!There is a better way for
    them,, but you best think about how it would work?Good

  • Cherry eye
    I wonder Who that guy was at Rabbit town that been doing them for years

  • Shotguns Ready..It's rabbit season.
    Say Mike,, remember the fellow that called me wanting to have someone, with some good gundogs
    to come take those Ol Rascal Wabbits, off his Property..Hope you haven't lost his

  • Training advise needed
    Yes, Sir I see that about all States agree with, the S.C.'s..I been training These Little
    Hounds for both Competition & Gun Hunting,, for long time, even before the S.C. and Take it
    from Me, They have...

  • Tri-tronics
    Say,, I been using the T.T's for Many years!!They are the Best on the market,, and I have used
    them all.. The one mile range G2 and G3 was just that a mile,, /AT Best.. and the Trashbreaker,
    was /alwa...

  • Show off the lemon beagles
    Mr. Patch,, no way did you ruffle anyone's feathers about the Lemon's I have a few that are
    Lemons,, in color and can run with anyone's hounds.. I was fixing to get them up for show,,
    when I seen Mr.W...

  • Tough Luck Running this Weekend
    Dang, man so sorry to hear the bad News!I am Blessed to live in an Area that I have never seen
    a Rattler!!Keep Looking up!D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>

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