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  • Show off the red dogs !
    Say, I think everyone likes the Big Blocky head on the males but I found out you best Not to
    breed a small female to the them,, she will Experience , Problems with birth. Yep,, they good
    looking pups....

  • Pedigree help
    Friend you have gone to the Correct Source!I would say that Mr. John would know what he is
    Talking about.D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>:up:

  • Show off the red dogs !
    Dave that is an Excelling looking Male!!My Tan Dan would pass for his litter mate.Thanks for

  • Ole Preacher's Berry Pack!!
    Say,, Mike you have them hounds sounding,, Mighty good that morning!!I wish we were as Rural,
    here in N.G. Ga. as you are down that way.. I was watching your Run and thinking that there
    would have bee...

  • Look at this unbelievable our AKC at work
    For some Reason I couldn't get the Sound to work about,, this Interviews with those two ladies,
    and their Lap Dogs!!Sure would like to hear what the man has to say? He looks like he just lost
    his best...

  • e collars
    Are these Pro 4 miles made by T.T. and what is the cost

  • Show off the lemon beagles
    Say,, at my age my vision is not what it was at one time.. Which one is

  • Look at this unbelievable our AKC at work
    Sorry, but when anyone calls wants, to Buy a D.R. Beagle as a Pet,, I refer them to The Pet
    Stores..I been breeding these little Red Devils, to Hunt, run and track only Rabbits for 25
    years. They just...

  • Look at this unbelievable our AKC at work
    Yep, I at one time had All AKC Hounds.. Notice I said at One time!Yep,, when they went from
    $20.00 to $30.00, I was called by a good Friend, that had all my Bloodline, in his Kennels, He
    ask me to Ple...

  • Show off the red dogs !
    Very nice Looking pups Blake, and Mr. Mitchell's Line is well known,, You will never go wrong
    with those hounds.. They have soon good foot!!I likem,, Like

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