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  • "Drake's" loves Ducks!!
    Which One Is Drake ?D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>:headscratch:

  • "Duck Skillet Medley"
    WTG, Ol man good to hear the XYL is recovering Well ..Keep looking

  • Bloodline cruises Jim dandy
    I was running my stock of Progressive Pack, ARHA/NKC back when J.D. was a young Open class
    hound.. I went over to the a Big hunt in Ala. or Miss. back in the day with my Red Hounds..
    Word was that the...

  • J. J.'s Red Dogs
    J.J. You have the Color Correct !!They sound real good. Hope the Ol Man,, is doing well you all
    have a Very Merry Christmas,, for Rabbit Town, USA.Keep Looking

  • Lemon beagles
    My Lemons come back from Gr.Fld.Ch. Cotton Country Scout !! Good Hunt and Drive in the old
    Cotton Country Mr. George Blaine, from Oak Grove La. owned old

  • Lemon beagles
    Tim,, those are some mighty good looking males,, I have one breed about like those two,, I call
    him Tan Dan.. Goes back to Hank.Have a female that is also that color that has the "Heart" on
    her head.....

  • Running/starting pen?
    Owls are worst things to keep away from your Enclosures,, I have had good success with the
    Night Guards, flashing red Solar lights..Get ready to catch yourself some Wild Rabbits,, the
    tame rabbits are...

  • jump power?
    I ran P.P. style hounds from the day it was first ran until this very day,, and if a hound
    Don't Hunt, in that division they Get Picked Up..Once they get their required points, they are
    taken before a...

  • 11-25-2014 Maggie Day
    When this Ga. Deer Season gets Over I will Feel Much Better !Yes Sir they Start in Sept and
    still hunting them old deer,, Heck I can kill one in my front yard, anytime don't see why they
    Keep Us, out ...

  • The Swamp
    Now that is what a Wabbit Race sounds and Looks like !!You did a mighty fine job with that
    camera,, hounds ran Well !!Sure did sound good, I suppose you were running what we call here in
    N.E.Ga. a big...

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