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  • akc or nkc need advise
    At one time all my hounds were AKC, except the Best one that I ever seen run in the Progressive
    Pack Division..I could not beat this little Black and Tan, Male from Oklahoma they call Honey
    Springs Ra...

  • Georgia Small Game Hunters~~~~~>
    Seems the Ga. Dept. of Wild Life is going to try once more to take Away some of our Small Game
    Season?They been doing it for many years Now,, and it's going to happen if we Small Game
    hunters don't al...

  • Anyone have any progressive pack video?
    Love the first P.P.Format that was originally started by Mr.George Blaine, as Everett Morgan,,
    the founder of the ARHA, ask George to set up a division and thus it was Formed, in about
    1982,, estimate...

  • favorite blood ??
    B.J.'s Gun DogsD.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>:up:

  • Gun Dogs~~~~>
    Swamprunner,, sure did enjoy the Land Line, conversation a few days ago ! I was beginning to
    Wonder what had happen to you and the young lads?So sorry to hear about the loss of you Trudy,
    Red Female.....

  • Neighbor doesn't like my dogs!
    Many Moons ago,, I once live in Town with my hounds,, not that many but a pack of gun dogs
    about 6 or 7 and live there for a number of years,, then a lady from the Big City of
    Atlanta,Ga. bought the h...

  • Neighbor doesn't like my dogs!
    If anyone has any problems, with the Hounds tail being a bit Bob (Not Black Creeks ) other gun
    dogs,, just lay it on that Ol Red Neck Down in Ga. seems everyone down this way said I was the
    one that s...

  • Tail Bleed
    I was at one time running my hounds for the ARHA Sunshine Mills. Hound of the year, contest..
    In order to ever have a chance at winning this contest,, your hounds Must be in /top condition
    for a year,...

  • How bout them TIGERS?
    Go Ga. Bull Dawgs !D.R.~~~~~~~~>:clap:

  • Anyone have any progressive pack video?
    Say get in contact with my good friend BJ, here as he runs some P.P. gun dogs, and he does some
    good Video's, and has good breed male pup for sale at this

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