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  • Rabbit Traps?
    Summertime the Wire Live traps, or the Gillotine will be the only way that you will catch a
    Wild Rabbit!Winter time,, I use my special Home made wooden Boxies,, and I use Cedar lumber ,or
    Real Ol wood...

  • Branko Bloodline?
    I read this one with Interest,, as I once ownd a Full Blooded Branco,, from the Gentleman up
    there that breed them for so long..Long story how I came my pup,, but anyway I named him
    Snowman! Back in t...

  • Good rabbit
    Boss Man:I have a nice three (3) year old Red male,, Out of my Ol Pretty Boy Floyd male,, that
    just might be what you need to help you Track them Ol Slick Tricky Wabbits,, give me a call or
    sent me an...

  • High Rock Beagles
    Tim:You keep your eyes open,, for a Big White Envelope,, shold get there,, in N.C. about Wed.
    or Thursday,, this week..They Dont' call it "Snail Mail" for

  • "Tickers" First Jump!!
    Preacherman,, Sending you a P.M.D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>

  • running pen habitat gurus
    Smokedog:Heck, I done forgot your first name,, but with my age it happens all the time.Take it
    from me,, as I been fooling with these Pen for years,, If you Already have rabbits,, I wouldn't
    do anythi...

  • New Pups
    Jeffro:Say, man hope that You and Family are doing well!!I get a a Big Kick out of what you was
    telling me, about the names of your Pup's Breeding,, you may have forgot what you said,, but
    anyway I wa...

  • Running in ther Rain~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>
    Yep,, I am a good bit Older and Not much Wiser than you Two birds..I was a M-48 Patton Tank
    Driver, when I was in Service in the 50's We didn't get out in the Rain too much,, if we ever
    got one of the...

  • Progressive pack rabbit champion Kalagha bred male at stud.
    Mighty Good Looking Male PP Champion.Have you ran him against any of the other Fld.Ch. going
    for Grand Fld.Ch. yet?Where are You located in N.C?D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>

  • Gun Dogs~~~~>
    Thanks a bunch Mike thats all they are some Wabbit Dawgs, nothing fancy..Keep Looking

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