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  • Robert quinn
    I know a Mr. Queen from Ga.He is a Senior man,, and I always Call him, Mr. Queen he move here
    from somewhere,, maybe was up north? He run the AKC Brace hounds, and member of the beagle club
    in S.C. .D...

  • How much to feed pregnant bitch?
    Go to good Brand of Dog feed Now, like Purina and I have use the Puppy Show on the Mother at
    this time.. Just Do Not Over feed!!Some folks pour the feed to them once breed,, but my
    experience is this ...

  • Daddy Rabbit Puppies 6mon Yard Time
    You sure do have them pups looking good,, if they had been here at Rabbit town,, they would
    have been running for two or three months,, I have lots of wild rabbits,, NO Blue Tails here at
    Rabbit town!...

  • Daddy Rabbit Puppies 6mon Yard Time
    B.J.Sent you a P.M.D.R.~~~~~~~>

  • Daddy Rabbit Puppies 6mon Yard Time
    B.J.Sent you a P.M.D.R.~~~~~~~>

  • DFJ Bloodline
    Think we Old Times best Go on to Bed now Mr.Patch,, as we Talking over lots of folks Head
    now..I did lurn a lots, back in the Days,, Like I still Swing my hounds, on 55 Gallon Drums,,
    sure did Stop Th...

  • Hunting dogs fully fed or hungery
    I have my hounds sleeping inside 55 gallon blue drums.. they Swinging on Chains,, this way the
    pups gets accustom, to the motion at a young age,, and They never got sick when I rode them All
    Over the ...

  • DFJ Bloodline
    Mr. Patch you 100% correct about the Little Pack!!You should have stuck around, as the P.P.
    came about when Mr. George Blaine,, from Oak Grove, La. ask. Everett Morgan,, to let him put
    together a styl...

  • Oakhill bloodline
    Yep,, I was good friends with both them Gals. back in the day!First off,, I don't think
    Katrina's husband,, George has pass away ?It may be true,, but I kind of doubt that,, as he was
    always the Low P...

  • Look at this unbelievable our AKC at work
    No sir,, I been selling Gun Dogs for many years,, at one point in time about 10 years ago,, I
    was not able to keep enough pups!! When I started out Every hound that I owned was AKC. Today I
    have only ...

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