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I like Fiocchi 1 1.4 oz 12 and 20 gauge #4 & 5 for Swamp rabbits #6 & 7.5 for cotton tails. Get a case for less than $100.

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I went to Wally-World and got my hunting license I was running low on shells.I hunt with a 20 Ga. 1100.Most of the time I use high brass 6's or 5's.Prefer the 5's.All they had was two boxes of high brass 4's.I got them they work,but it ain't pretty if a rabbit is any closer than 30 yds.

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One thing about having all high powered shells, you can always shoot squirrels or grouse too. lol
down here 6 or 7 will kill a rabbit or a quail. jmho

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Default shotgun shells

I have been using 7 1/2 game loads in a single shot twelve gauge, for many years. I have killed well over a hundred rabbits, in that time, and most fell on the spot or within a few feet. The small shot are very effective on both cottontails and swamp rabbits. I've had very little problem with too many shot in the meat. On very close shots, I aim at the tip of their nose and thus avoid blowing them apart. If I miss, I don't worry about it anyway. I used #4s and 6s years ago but, switched to the lighter loads when my son gave me some for Christmas one year. I ran short on ammo and decided to try the game loads and was pleasantly surprised at how effective they were. They are a lot easier on the shoulder with that old single shot also.

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