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Favorite rabbit recipes

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I like to boil til tender, pick it off the bones, put some mild brats in with it, boil til brats are done, pour 1/2 pound of rice in with it, one can of cream of mushroom, salt, pepper, garlic salt, uumm good. cook it til it is the texture you like.

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I cut my rabbits up and boil them a hour or Little more until they are tender while rabbit is boiling I fry up some onions when rabbit is tender I roll it in flour fry I'll brown on each side make a gravy put onions on rabbit cover with brown gravy simmer about 20 minutes serve it with some brown rice and a biscuit it will make your tongue slap your eyeballs out your head.........can do it the same way using tomatoe sauce in place of gravy

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Originally Posted by Briar View Post
About everyone you meet says rabbit is a little to tuff for them to eat,,well they stand in line here,,I fry mine on high heat and brown it as quick as possible,, take it right out of skillet put right in crock pot or slow cooker,,you can stack it right on top of each other all the way to the top,,don't put water or anything in it,,it will be the best you,ve ever eat and fall off the bone,,of coarse salt pepper and flour it before putting in skillet
Took my nephew out for his first rabbit hunt and he got one! I am not sure who was more excited. I showed him this recipe and he used it. He thought it was pretty good! I am a good Aunt :-)
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my bad, tried to give recipe from memory, got it mostly right, but not entirely. here's the true recipe

two rabbits, I pressure cook mine for 20 min, but they can be boiled.
1 stick butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup.
1 cup broth, either off the rabbit or chicken broth
1 cup milk
1 pack Pepperidge farm stuffing mix
cube rabbit, place in buttered 9x13 baking dish' mix soup with 1/2 cup of broth and pour over rabbit.melt butter and add 1/2 cup of broth and stuffing mix. Mix this real good to evenly mix broth n the stuffing. Place on top of rabbit, pour milk over top and bake covered at 350* for 45 min, uncover and bake 15 min longer.
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Paula yes you are,,so glad he liked it my way,,I love it and it's never turned out bad,,and if you do like it barbecued ,,put that in there,,but I don't like barbecue sauce,,but love rabbit
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I am not a big lover of bbq, county sweet might work though. thanks Briar
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Gene Fedor
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Alright guys here a great one, had it last night. It's the recipe for Tuscany chicken, but I used rabbit instead. Google Tuscany chicken, use rabbit instead, loaf of fresh italian bread, bottle or 2 of red wine, sit back, eat, enjoy, replay the good rabbit hunt in your head. My wife and kids loved it also. I presure cooked the rabbit , pulled the meat off the bone to make it bone free.

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